Pascal Bahbit Mbilain Sama is known for his good sense of judgment but he is particularly admired for his razor sharp mind. Pascal is an abstract thinker and he is very talented. He has a broad and in-depth knowledge on many topics including; Nursing & Medical knowledge, History, Religion, Law, Mathematics, Politics, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Entertainment, Dancing, and Singing.

Pascal M.B. Sama currently lives in New York City but he is an American from the state of Nebraska. Pascal was originally born in former British Southern Cameroon (now Ambazonia), where he was raised as a child. He is a former student of the famous secondary school in Southern Cameroon called St. Joseph’s College SASSE. After a high school education in Omaha, Nebraska USA, he obtained an associate degree in applied science from Metropolitan Community College of Omaha, Nebraska. After that he went further to obtain a registered nurse degree from Iowa Western Community College in the neighboring city of Council Bluffs, Iowa. Pascal worked for many years as a nurse and then decided to continue his education in law. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Health Management  from Bellevue University in Bellevue, Nebraska, and a Health Law degree from Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University, New York. Bahbit Pascal has never wanted to be a writer but too many people kept bringing it to his attention that he should write. In Benson High School Magnet of Omaha, NE, a history teacher once thought someone was writing his essay assignments for him. She was astonished by the word construction and expressions of his essays. In a 2006 college scholarship essay contest, Pascal Bahbit’s essay was selected amongst the top 3% of best essays in North America (USA and Canada). His argumentative essay in this competition was on Stem Cell Research. It was published in a book called Authors of Tomorrow, 2006 edition.  Despite all these signs, Bahbit Pascal still had little interest in writing a book. Time went on, other things happened in his life but the comments pressurizing him to write did not stop.  Many people from varying positions of life kept insisting that he should become a writer. The pressure kept coming from many sources. In nursing school, classmates and college professors that read his essays commented that he should write a book. He ignored it. After nursing school, Bahbit Pascal took regular nursing jobs in Long-Term Rehab Care and worked for several nursing facilities. While at work, the different superiors that read his reports continue to bring to his attention the idea of becoming a writer. Pascal Bahbit had a way of  using words to make his superiors see the patients he was writing about. In all his nursing jobs, different superiors, administrators and nurse supervisors who read his daily reports kept expressing the same admiration. Countless times, they expressed how much they enjoyed reading his reports. Sometimes, it brought him attention he did not need. Other staff nurses would sometimes use his report writings as guidance on what they could say when writing their own patient reports. The signs didn’t end at work. Pascal became the lead writing communicator of his community between 2012 to 2018. His lengthy text messages were widely read by the population in his community. Because of all these signs, pressures and opinions, Bahbit Pascal listened and put together this book. Reluctantly, he has put together the story of this book as a test of his talent while also improving other people’s lives with the book. Remember that a single book can change your life. Will this be the book? We hope you enjoy reading it. Do you have any talent in life you have identified? Are you making use of the talents given to you? For those who make use of their talents, more shall be given to them. I hope this book  serves you as an inspiration to identify and use your own talents. Please, discuss your opinions of this book while at home.  You can also share your opinions in the privacy of your daily discussions with friends and family. Thanks for READING!